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Update on My Adult Content Neighbor

An update on my previous post:

It took 10 days, but the Sex Jungle was finally persuaded to move to the continent of Zindra, where adult content is allowed. In the mean time, I waited, and watched as my neighbor bought up most of the vacant land in the region, and continued to build adult playgrounds. My visitor count plummeted from dozens of visitors a week to zero.

After my neighbor moved, it took another report to Linden Labs to get the obnoxious for sale sign he left behind removed. And I used all of this time to think about why playing on the mainland was worth it.

Why pay $15 a month or more for something that can be spoiled in a heartbeat? Would you pay $15 a month for coffee that is sometimes bitter? Or a package of socks that may or may not have holes in them? And when you brought the socks or coffee back, you had to wait 10 days for something to happen? Of course not. You’d move on to another option.

So I dumped my mainland to a land shark, and the gallery has been moved to a private island, where it will be safe and beautiful and nobody will ever see it.

Tateru Nino recently had a good blog post about The Dynamism of Second Life, in which she noted that Second Life isn’t a product or a service, its  “the flow – the dynamism – between products, services, customers, creators, developers, communicators, marketplaces, billing systems, and more.”

When any part of dynamic slows down, the whole SL system is hurt. It’s Linden Labs’ job to keep the dynamic humming. And its hard to do, because the dynamic isn’t made of mechanical parts, its made of people. People who get tired and discouraged when the dynamic isn’t working for them, and then they stop trying.

In my case, the dynamic broke down, I stopped trying, the mainland lost a nice build, the region becomes more empty, less vibrant, less attractive to buyers. And, perhaps, it goes the way of several other regions in the area that disappeared overnight. Not a way to build a world.


I Guess Its Now OK to Have Adult Content on A Second Life Moderate Region

Despite numerous complaints to Linden Labs over the past few days, my new neighbor on Piera Salino is still there.

He now has three separate stores, each with sex pose balls in the open for anyone to use. He sells sexually explicit adult items and child avatars in the same space. He advertises in his profile and in the classifieds, inviting the public to use the space for adult activities.  All of this on a MODERATE mainland region.

All of these are blatant violations of the Terms of Service, the Maturity Ratings policies and Ageplay policy.

Why is this guy still here? Why does Linden Labs ignore blatant violations of their rules?



Why Second Life Mainland is a Bad Investment

 or, How I was Banned from the Sex Jungle

I have a little art gallery on the Second Life Mainland. I have been meaning to blog about it, but hadn’t quite gotten around to it yet. It looked like this:

It is on the top of a steep hill, with land and houses below it. I only own to the edge of the hill, not really wanting to pay very much for something that isn’t producing revenue. I figured that if somebody bought one of the adjacent small lots they would build at the foot of the hill, because steep hills seem to flummox the average SL builder.  And this has proven true for the past year.

I’ve personally always enjoyed the wild-west atmosphere of the mainland. There are your occasional jerks who just don’t care what they build, or what anyone thinks of it, but mostly I’ve found people who have expended care and thought in creating nice places. I wanted to invest  in that, and create a place on the mainland that had some architectural interest and would be an asset to the neighborhood.

I use the past tense (“This is what it looked like,”) because this is what it looks like now:

That is my gallery to the left of the black block, on the top of the hill behind the pink tree.

One of these “occasional jerks” has moved in next to me and erected a gigantic black pile of ugliness. Setting aside the aesthetics of this sophomoric attempt to create a warlock’s castle out of a shoebox and some faux stone wallpaper, there is simply no reason that this build needs to be this big, or be there at all.  People teleport directly there, so they don’t care if it’s underground, in the air, or (as in this case) on top of a couple of huge, empty boxes. And it doesn’t need to be in the snowlands, it is clumsily decorated with tropical plants, and has a tropical theme, although the word “theme” implies some coherency of purpose, and this is merely a mess. So why the owner thought this particular parcel was perfect for his business is beyond me.

But there is nothing I can do about it. My only course of action is to dismantle the gallery and abandon the land. The nice neighbors to the north don’t want the land, because their building is on the next sim, and you can’t join parcels over sim boundaries. Nobody will buy the land with the black monstrosity in their face. Its no big deal to abandon it, I didn’t pay much for it. Mainland is practically free for exactly the reason we’re seeing here – who wants to pay a lot of money for something that can be made worthless in an instant by some half-wit?

However, I may not have to leave because I don’t think the black pile will be there long. For one thing, he’s selling very cheap items for a few L$. Most of the items you can get for free elsewhere. If the quality of his wares matches the quality of his architecture, he’s not going to sell much. With Linden Labs vacuuming money out of his pocket every month, and nothing coming in, he’ll soon tire of the game.

But the real reason he won’t be there long is that the business is called “Sex Jungle” and it sells all sorts of adult items, and contains an adult “playground.” And it just happens to be located on a Moderate sim that doesn’t allow explicit adult content.

When I talked to the owner about this, he insisted that the “M” after the sim name meant “Mature,” and he had done his homework, and the land was for sale as an adult parcel, and he could do whatever he wanted with his land and why didn’t-you-just-stop-being-a-hater-and-now-you’re-banned!!!! Wow, that showed me. Banned from the Sex Jungle. I’ll never live it down.