Two New Houses at Minnesota Modern

Since the beginning of the year I’ve put two new houses up for sale, including the biggest house I’ve ever created.

The Lake Superior Home came about because I wondered if I could create a home that was more “real life.” Second Life homes are a dream to design – no HVAC ducts to plan, no plumbing to route, no closets. No codes! All my homes are relatively “realistic” in look and feel, but the Lake Superior adds some spaces that bring it closer to what a real cabin would feel like – a kitchen and a private bath.

Lake Superior House

The Vermillion Home started as a custom house for a very nice person I met in Second Life. In real life, this woman lives in a congested major city, in a tiny apartment sandwiched by neighbors on all sides. In Second Life she wants space. Lots of space. So the Vermillion house was born.

Vermillion House

Both houses are available on the Marketplace:

and also in Second Life at: 

See the Portfolio section of this blog for more photos of all the Minnesota Modern homes.


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