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Eveleth Home – New at Minnesota Modern

After several inquiries along the lines of “where’s that stone cottage that used to be here?” I decided to bring it back. It’s been tightened up, dusted it off, re-named it and voila! The Eveleth Home is born.

Named after a town in the Iron Range area of Minnesota, Eveleth is a rustic stone cottage, very cozy, weighing in at only 99 prims. It comes with privacy windows and doors, a fire with touch on/off and glow (7 prims) and a bath with a couple’s pose (20 prims.) The house is Copy/Mod, and the fire and bath are copy only.

The cost is 1800 L$ and it is available in my sky meadow on Toor:

Also available through my Second Life Marketplace store:

If you go to look at the home, you’ll see a gazebo adjacent to the home. That will be for sale soon.

Edited to add:  As of January 2012 this house is no longer available. I do still have it, and if someone wants it badly enough I am happy to sell them a copy.