Prim Perfect Headquarters

Looking for a more unique way to make a portfolio of my projects, I’ve decided to publish each project as its own book. It seems like it will be a more flexible way to document the projects than just the standard leather book of photographs. Now I can have my portfolio in digital and physical format. As each project is complete, I just make a new book. I can buy as many copies as I need, it’s actually less expensive than making high-quality printouts, and if I display the book digitally its free. Plus there are all sorts of cool widgets, and I can plurk and twitter and facebook the thing to death, instantly.  I’m feeling rather pleased with myself.

Here is the first book, documenting the Prim Perfect Publications Headquarters in Second Life.

Prim Perfect Publications is one of the virtual world’s leading media companies. Among their productions are Prim Perfect magazine, the virtual world’s largest home and garden magazine, and the television show Designing Worlds.

Owner and publisher Saffia Widdershins wanted a new headquarters for Prim Perfect Publications that would provide a focal location for Prim Perfect magazine’s staff, showcase all of Prim Perfect Publications’ activities and provide a place for community events. Located on the Costa Rica sims in Second LIfe, the building reflects the real-life ecosystem and contemporary culture of Costa Rica.


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