Tall Grass House at Minnesota Modern

The first in a planned new series of homes, the Tall Grass House is inspired by the high prairies of southwestern Minnesota. This is one of my favorite areas of the state. The prairies are full of wildflowers and prairie dogs. There is a herd of bison at  Blue Mounds State Park.

This home began when I was playing with some pieces left over from another project. They started to make interesting patterns:

Looking at them I was reminded of the star quilts made by the Lakota people who live in southwestern Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota. So I decided to put together a house inspired by that region.

And the end result is the Tall Grass House.

It has 171 prims (plus a 7 prim log fire for the fireplace,) costs 2400 L$ and is available in my sky meadow on Toor:


Also available through my Second Life Marketplace store:


Edited to add: As of January 2012 this house is no longer available. I still have it, and if somebody really wants a copy I’m happy to see them one.


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