Entry – Doing it Right

One of the best examples of how to do a good Second Life store entry is Kitties Lair.

When you teleport to Kitties Lair, you land facing east. And this is what you see:

Couldn’t be more perfect. The store, the sign, the obvious door, straight ahead.

As you walk to the entry the door is already open. There is no reason in SL to place a closed door in front of a customer,  and to make them stop and figure out how to open it. If you must have doors, strongly consider leaving them open.

At the very front of the store is a display of the most popular items for sale, the Best of Kitties Lair. The rest of the store is one story of well organized, concisely edited and arranged clothes and shoes.

Babette Ultsch is the designer responsible for the clothes, shoes, and buildings. For some reason she doesn’t get as much recognition as she should. Her shoes in particular deserve to be included among the best in Second Life, and she has much to teach other merchants (and commercial prefab builders!) about how to design and build functional commercial spaces for virtual worlds.

SLURL to visit Kitties Lair:



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