New Minnesota Modern House – Grand Marais

All of the Minnesota Modern homes so far have been inspired by the north shore of Lake Superior. It’s a rocky place, prone to storms, heavy snow and bitter cold. Its also a very popular place for outdoor recreation both in summer and winter, and home to some very rustic lodges.  Close to the Canadian border, Grand Marais is one of the largest towns that lie along the scenic northshore highway, between Lake Superior and the dense forest that stretches up into Canada. So it is fitting that I have named the third and largest cabin in my Northshore series in honor of Grand Marais.

I have furnished this home so you can get a better idea of the scale, and perhaps receive some inspiration from the beautiful paintings of caca Drevnerussky. None of the furniture is for sale, at least not yet. The contemporary forms along with the natural materials mean that either modern or rustic furniture (or both!) will look good in this house.

The house has 179 prims, and comes bundled with a 7 prim log fire and and 20 prim bathtub with couple’s pose. It will set you back only 2400 L$.

Come and see it at my showroom on Toor:

Also available through my Second Life Marketplace store:

caca Drevnerussky has a small gallery called Kalavinka where she sells a rotating selection of her work. I’m a huge fan, so make sure you pay her gallery a visit:


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